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Sunday, October 30, 2016

3/5/2016 Running. The Individual, Team Sport.

Be Bold Crew at Rock CF
I don't care if you're an elite Kenyan marathoner or a run-walker training for your first 5k.  Everyone needs a support system.  And my team has recently grown.  I have an AWESOME coach who plans my runs and monitors my progress and problems.  I'm also lucky that my awesome coach also coaches my Mechanics class (strength training, balance, mobility, flexibility), so she oversees all of the physical elements.  I get healthy meals for athletes from Better Woodman LLC.  My new BFF is my sports dietitian.  Because being a lazy ass who eats Easy Mac worked for 13.1, but it's NOT going to get me through a marathon or a BQ.  The sports medicine doctor at the DMC pointed me to the dietitian when my regular doctor said my anemia wasn't bad enough to be causing my exhaustion.  My local running store, RUNdetroit, gets me in the right shoes, gear, and nutrition.  And my runner-friends and husband support me, encourage me, and hold me accountable.  I'm not an elite Kenyan marathoner, but anyone who loves their sport deserves the support necessary to allow them to enjoy it for a lifetime.