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I only coach a small number of runners because I believe my athletes deserve attention to detail, individual attention, and responsiveness from and access to their coach.  Coaching isn't my primary job; I do it because it's fun and I love encouraging my runners, helping them to reach new levels of fitness they never imagined possible, and guiding them along the path towards a lifelong love of running.  I don't care about ability level; I love runners who love to run and want to work hard.
For my runners, I plan out an overall roadmap for their training through their goal race.  Then I assign weekly workouts (mileage, type of run, paces, cross training, rest days, etc.).  The key is specific feedback.  My runners tell me, in detail, how the workouts are going and how they feel.  I take that feedback, the data I see in Garmin Connect, and the big picture of looking at data over multiple weeks, and adjust the plan as needed.  For some people, this looks like a lot of notes back and forth in their Google Docs (where we program) each week, texting, and emailing.  Some people keep it pretty simple.  I also help with race day planning (race pacing, food/clothes prep., rest, etc.).  I help my runners track down resources and send them to professionals for the things I'm not certified in (nutrition, shoes, injuries, etc.).

If you're interested in discussing private run coaching, please email me at and complete this form:

  • Road Runners Club of America certified distance run coach
  • First Aid/CPR/AED certified
  • RUNdetroit and Be Bold Crew run coach
  • Experience coaching adults to successfully reach their running goals, from 5k-26.2
  • Expansive personal race history, from 5k-26.2
Because this isn't my full time job, and I prefer to coach fewer runners and truly focus on their needs, I may or may not have availability to coach new athletes.  I highly recommend my coach, Coach Amanda Wolski.  Check out her blog,!

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