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Run Inspiration

Everyone, even the runners who appear the most dedicated, fastest, or enthusiastic, needs a little inspiration sometimes.
John L. Parker, Jr.'s Books:
While I love many running books, these three are my nearest and dearest.  I cried several times while reading both books.  When I finished Again to Carthage, I couldn't set it down.  I held onto it for quite a while after reading the final sentences, as if maybe holding the book somehow allowed me to be a part of Quenton Cassidy's existence.  I cared about his character more than I can remember ever caring about another literary character.  His life was so beautiful and pure and joyful and sad and he was a runner the way we all want to be runners.


1. Run to the Top by Runners Connect.  I can't turn it off! I just started listening, I've been working my way through the old ones, and not one has disappointed.
2. The Runner's World Show. Again, every episode has been awesome.
3. Human Race (Runner's World). Individual running stories. Mostly super inspirational or interesting. All good.
4. Marathon Training Academy. Hit or miss. Some are AWESOME, some I just can't get through. But they do race reviews, which is pretty cool, and they've run a LOT of different races. Just good insider knowledge.

Thunderhoof's album, So I Run
* The title song, So I Run, is featured as the theme song of The Runner's World Show podcast