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I'm Megan Warzecha, and I'm a runner.  I work at RUNdetroit and I coach runners.  I was an elementary school music teacher for over 10.5 years.  I've lived in Detroit since 2008 with my husband, Jason, who's also a runner.  I started running in high school but I really found my legs when I started training for my first half marathon, the Detroit Free Press Talmer Bank International Half Marathon, in 2014.  I'm a Road Runners Club of America Level II certified long distance running coach.  I'm currently training for the Great Lakes Endurance Two Hearted Trail 50k.
My Running Story
One reason I love running is that it helps me to be more open.  I tend to keep things close to the chest.  I don't often share things that are important.  When I run, and when I write about running, I'm able to be a little more vulnerable.  I've had a few opportunities to articulate my running story, and I enjoy the progression, so I'll store the archived versions on these pages:

How would you describe yourself as a runner?
Happy legs, happy heart! As long as I'm out there, I'm happy. There's never a bad run; just an opportunity to grow.   I'm grateful for everything running has given me.

That being said, I'm competitive. I want to be the best I can be, and I'm 110% willing to put in the hard work. My goal in my first marathon was to qualify for Boston.  Big goal, yes, but I'm out there to push the line AND pet the puppies.

What does running mean to you in your life?
Running allows me to live life to the fullest. It's my adventure. It's the song of my heart. It showed me who I really am. It's helped me open up. It's taught me what true passion is. It helps me express my emotions. It helps me write. It makes me more creative. It's brought me adult friends. My husband and I run together, and the family that runs/races/sweats/suffers/fails/triumphs, stays together. Running makes me feel strong and empowered. Running makes my heart beat.