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Run Resources

I've developed a pretty decent list of running-related resources in the Detroit and metro-Detroit area.  I'm happy to share them, since I've worked hard for some of them, especially the medical resources.  Disclaimer:  Please keep in mind that these are only my personal suggestions, and everyone's preferences are different.
  1. Be Bold Crew - - The community I train, coach, and do life with.  Running and triathlon.  I can't recommend Be Bold Crew highly enough.  Whether your goal is your first spring triathlon (and you can't swim) or qualifying for Boston, Be Bold Crew has your back.  Mechanics class (strength, stability, mobility, flexibility for endurance athletes), running group, track, swim, and bike workouts, and a beginner triathlon program.  Our team includes athletes of all ability levels and we race road races and triathlons of all distances.
  2. RUNdetroit - - My favorite running store for shoes, clothes, fuel, headbands, advice, accessories, and all around awesome people who love running.  They're located in Detroit's Midtown neighborhood on Canfield, next to Shinola.  All the staff does a fantastic job of fitting runners with the right shoes.  They're ready to talk fuel.  They'll offer suggestions on races, run groups, injuries, and training.  They have awesome running groups, a running team, and an elite women's running team.  They're a cornerstone of the Detroit running community.
  3. Running Fit - - Excellent store in Northville, Novi, West Bloomfield, Ann Arbor, and Traverse City.  Running Fit put me in my first pair of running shoes and kept me going through high school.  Like RUNdetroit, they'll get you in the right shoes for you.  Fuel, clothes, running groups, events, and more.
  4. Meal Preparation - Better Woodman LLC - - Coach Geo is a professional chef, Iron Man, runner, coach, and sports a pretty fantastic beard.  He prepares healthy, home made, fresh, portioned meals for athletes and health-conscious people.  Breakfast, lunch, entrees, and snacks.  Pick-up or delivery twice a week.  Don't have time to cook for yourself but know you need to up your nutrition gains?  Check him out.  Did I mention the food is DELICIOUS?
  5. Sports Nutrition - Starting Line Nutritional Concepts, LLC - Briana D. Greenlee, B.S. RDN - 443-2352 - I made it through five half marathons with a 1:34:30 PR with a lazy approach to nutrition.  I'm not stupid; I read articles, I understand science, and I know what I'm SUPPOSED to do.  But I kept getting faster, kept earning PR's, and was enjoying every second of my training, so I didn't worry about nutrition.  I don't know about you, but I can't sustain marathon training eating Easy Mac and granola bars.  Bri looked at my training log, sleep log, nutrition log, and labs (anemia) and helped me figure out various improvements to my diet to help me reach my goal.  The accountability and organization and detail and specific-to-me recommendations are already making a huge impact.
  6. Massage - Erin Johnson - (949) 337-2265 - Simply put, Erin keeps me going and keeps my legs happy.  Mechanics class keeps me strong and injury free; Erin keeps my muscles loose and helps me recover.  She has major knowledge of anatomy and physiology and how they relate to an athlete.  She's sweet as can be and has great pricing.
  7. Henry Ford Human Performance Clinic - (313) 972-1919.  Click HERE to read my narrative of going through the Human Performance Clinic at the Henry Ford Health System.  Cardiovascular screening, V02 max testing, anaerobic threshold testing, body composition analysis, and more!
  8. Sports Medicine Doctor - Dr. Victor Faris at Campbell Urgent Care in Royal Oak  - - Although he works at Urgent Care, Dr. Faris will actually see patients with a loose appointment.  Just call and explain that you need to see him for a sports-related injury.  Dr. Faris did a sports medicine fellowship and loves treating athletes.  He was enthusiastic about helping me with an ankle impingement and when I was worried about shin splints.  It was awesome working with a great doctor who really wanted to help an athlete.
  9. Sports Medicine Doctor - Dr. Nicholas Moore at the DMC in Farmington Hills - - Dr. Moore is board certified in sports medicine and family medicine.  When I was dealing with symptoms of anemia but my primary care physician couldn't figure out how to help me, Dr. Moore and his resident sat with me for an hour and looked at my labs, listened to my long story, asked a lot of questions, and truly tried to understand my problem.  It was a relief to talk to a doctor who understands athletes and wanted to help.
  10. Outpatient Sports Medicine - Michigan Orthopaedic Rehabilitation - - If you go, my contact there is Chris Buchanan.  She's the parent of a few of my students at school.
  11. Podiatrist - Dr. Beneson at Beneson Podiatry/Michigan Feet in Royal Oak - - If you've gone beyond the traditional, occasional black toe nail and you're worried about fungus, a wart, ingrown toenails, or you're just worried something isn't right, Dr. Beneson is the best.  Not only is he great with all that stuff, he also gives a KILLER "pedicure" and isn't grossed out or worried about runner's feet like a regular nail tech.  He used the Dremel and clippers and my toenails almost seemed normal (for a while)!  At any rate, he addressed my issues and I stopped worrying.
  12. Marathon Planning
    1. - an awesome site that assigns ratings to races based on elevation, temperature, course quality, BQs, etc., and allows you to compare races.  Even applies these factors and re-calculates your race time on various courses!
    2. - Association of Road Running Statisticians - Specifically, check out Race Time Bias for a comparison of finish times for popular races based on  factors to those similar to the ones mentioned on the above site.  Also, check out Marathon Lists for a very comprehensive list of races around the world!