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Sunday, October 30, 2016

2/29/2016 New Freep Post

Check out reason 33 I love the Detroit Free Press/Talmer Bank marathon.  And if you want to enjoy the awesomeness that is the race, sign up for the 5k, 13.1 (U.S.-only or international), or 26.2 and use code "happylegs" for 10% off.
Saturday was an exciting and humbling run.  20 miles.  On one hand, "the wall" finally found me.  Except I'm pretty sure my wall was actually a gigantic hill.  We're talking a Dante's fourth circle of hell kinda hill.  The Glass City Marathon is supposed to be "flat and fast."  If it's even half as hilly as Higgins Lake, I'll run like a freaking gazelle.  On a positive note, I RAN 20 MILES.  And I'm not incapacitated.  And there are still eight weeks until the race.  I ran 12 of the 20 miles by myself, so I'm looking forward to crowd support.  I'm also finally learning the serious value of mantras.  I never used one when racing 13.1, but "It's mostly in your head" and "No matter how much you have to slow down, just don't stop" really helped yesterday.